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Video 02:06
Untitled Thought, 2015

Video 07:15
Document of a Star, 2015

Her Dog Died

There is a time and a place. She thinks she lost it.


Video 11:50
Oh Jersey You Hurt Me, 2013

Performance// Disaster Dessert 2012

Mixed Media Installation, Untitled, 2012
Collaboration between Gregory Bae and Chelsea Welch

Video 07:53
Little Wanderings, 2012

Video 05:29
Bieber Fiever, 2010

Video 04:53
Maaan. Boooy. 2010

Video 03:57
Three B3eaches, 2010

Video Installation
Of Arc, 2011

Video Stills of a day spent at Lake Michigan

Video Stills from the same day at Lake Mich 

The View Inside and Outside of My Window. 2000 W. Foster Chicago IL, 2010

Transitional Spaces, 2012